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The people of Taurus are hard-working, patient, minded/ engaged in their work, minded, happy, energetic and native. They often get anger very little. But when it's coming, they become OUT OF CONTROL and not easily calm down (According to my experience, people of Aries attack the opponents, express their anger, but the Taurus Zodiac person is angry with things on the adjoining. Take off more and short on the antagonist). These people are not rash at all and they are completely ruined. Are there. His longing for wealth is not even full of old age (yes, if the marriage is auspicious and the moon is auspicious, then the person may be sacrificed like MAHATMA BUDDHA on the knowledge path by sacrificing physical pleasure). The people of Taurus are faced with the full challenge when they face the challenge. But if the work is of interest to them, they suffer from lethargy and idleness and cannot concentrate their energy and strength there. If the moon is not negligible then their morale is greatly increased. The people of Taurus are hospitable, they are happy with the guest service. These people prefer routine joints. Do not like the changes in life. So their life Runs at a rate. These people passionate but their emotions are so deep that others can not understand them and they can not even express themselves. They are very stubborn and stubborn. Unlike their feelings, they are tortured, they become angry and make everything - spoil the created work. These are illusory. These years remember the moments of their preoccupation or loss of inferiority; they are often used to eating, chewing gum / chelms. Therefore, they have diseases of the stomach, eyes, and eyes. If Venus in the Horoscope is not under the influence of sin, then they are loyal to the spouse. They do not like the activities of Bhagashudra as much as the tasks performed by sitting in one place.