Horoscope (Rashifal) or horoscope is a chart based on astrological phenomena in which a person’s present and future information are shown on the basis of celestial events. By studying these astronomical objects, the effects and side effects of an individual or an event are assessed. When creating or viewing a horoscope, it is necessary to look at the position of the planets at the time of the birth of a person, such as what is in the Moon and where the Sun Planet is and what is the trick of other planets. There are 9 planets in the universe – Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Thu, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Similarly, there are 12 amounts.
The horoscope is created on the basis of these planets at the time and place where a person is born before birth is done. After this, the planet changes its place throughout the year, different amounts, and its effect falls on the right person or the wrong person.

By making the basis of the person’s zodiac sign, astrologer examines every aspect of life and departments and if there is any kind of problem here, then he can solve it. It is used only by analyzing the person’s personality and behavior. The exact and accurate information of someone’s likes and dislikes, feelings, love, life, careers, health, etc. is received only by the amount and birth horoscope. And on this basis horoscopes are created. In order to make the prophecy predictable by the horoscope at present, such efforts are also being made at some place that the ancient Vedic horoscope of India is being associated with Western horoscope today, events are being assessed The predictions being told is getting more accurate than before. The use of this horoscope and horoscope of India in the form of the horoscope, today the whole world is doing in some form or the other way. In India, horoscope and this horoscope are used by every conservative person in life. We can get every small or big information about the changes happening in our lives, from our horoscope.

Aries (21 Mar. -- 20 Apr.)


Taurus(20 Apr. -- 20 May.)