(21 May. - 21 Jun.)

The only Gemini is the Zodiac sign which is depicted with a double-figure symbol ( Child or couple of a man and woman ). Therefore, it can be said that the people of the Methan Zoder are one body with two souls. That is, they do not adopt the same ideology for a long time or they often live together in two ideologies which create self-contradiction/ intervals at the astral level. Their life is certainly not absolute. New in their mind-new plans are born. People are skilled, clever and bent at doing multiple tasks at one time. The opposite sex is easy to attract.

The people of Gemini Zodiac are of a volatile nature, flickering and change are preferred. If you do a job, then do some part-time business or other work together. Apart from the other life partner, their relations with the opposite sex is to be creative.  They are intelligent and knowledgeable. Children's agility and love-seen equally together. These lunararas are fond of nature, entertainers, and sportsman. These people are often successful in a job or partnership. The people of the Mihan Zodiac are fond of making a paper action plan of the time water scheme that holds the account( Expenses).

Action - Those who are interested in quarrels and who are interested in writing are Art/popular. It is also auspicious to do more than one work at the same time. They should not allow life to run on a path. It keeps their energy alive. They should always engage themselves in some work, but be careful of women. Because women can easily fool/deceive these people.